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TINA: Our Federal Program Needs Assessment Solution

What is TINA?

The TINA program is a web-based data collection (surveys), analysis, and reporting tool designed to help you determine the issues that are facing your school. It gives you actionable data you can use to justify your spending decisions. TINA can help make your Needs Assessment process more efficient.

TINA Highlights

It�s Web-Based.

  • This allows you to access it from any computer by using a browser such as Explorer or Netscape.
  • It runs on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, MAC, and Linux.
  • The database and software protocols are leading edge for web-based software.

It�s Flexible.

  • It comes with built in surveys and reports, but it also has many other uses including: Title I, Title II, ESL, Climate, Parent, Teacher, Student, or Ad Hoc Surveys.
  • You can customize any or all questions & assign weighting factors to the questions.
  • You can import data from multiple sources including demographic data, test scores, or state provided data.

It�s Efficient.

  • It�s easy to create custom reports from all data sources. All of the data you�ve imported, plus all of the survey data is available in one database. This allows you to pick and choose the data you want to report on using the TINA Report Generator.
  • You can create and distribute needs assessment questions to principals, teachers, students, and parents as often as needed.
  • Once a survey is saved, the data is available immediately for reporting purposes.
  • It allows you to quickly collect information and identify the areas that need focus.

It has Bells & Whistles.

  • Pie charts and bar graphs are included in the product. If you need more, you can export any data from the database into Excel to create any kind of graph imaginable.
  • Using the TINA Report Engine, you can print letters for parents whose children qualify for Federal Supplemental Program assistance.
  • On-Line help is available within the product. Just click on the ? to access it from any screen.

TINA Benefits

It saves you time.

  • The survey tool dramatically reduces teacher and administrator time to collect Needs Assessment data. No more paper surveys to mail back and forth.
  • Built-in Survey Status Reports quickly identify which surveys have not been completed.
  • The reporting engine is fast and can accommodate a large array of custom and standard reports. This helps you to quickly identify the areas or students you need to focus on.

It�s proven effective.

  • TINA was designed by Federal Program Administrators specifically to address the Needs Assessment process.
  • It meets Federal Monitor Requirements for Needs Assessment.
  • Our customers are reporting that they can typically cut their Needs Assessment process time in half.

TINA Targets Needs Assessments!!!

To see a demo of the TINA software, please fill out the Contact Information form.